All New Bus Layaway Plan

Now you can get the bus of your dreams! See a bus you want, put it on layaway, and pay no service fees* or interest.

We take a one-time charge up to $500 on a credit card to put a bus on layaway, and then you will need to send a check, money order, bill pay, direct deposit, or money wire*.

The Layaway Plan

To place a bus on layaway, you need to put down at least a $100 deposit (for buses $10,000 and under). Every $100 you pay on the bus adds 7 additional days.

For the first 13 weeks, there is no storage fee for holding a bus. This gives you 3 months to pay off your bus with no fees or interest.

After the first 13 weeks, there is a $25 per week storage fee. You can still pay $100 per week, but only $75 will apply towards the balance.

All payments (minus storage fees) go towards your balance. There is no service fee to use our layaway plan.

If you have a bus/vehicle on layaway for at least 6 weeks and then change your mind or change buses, there will be a re-stocking fee of $300, which will be deducted from your payments already made. If you change buses for a third time, there is a $500 re-stocking fee. If you change buses for a fourth time there is a $800 re-stocking fee. If you change buses any time after that, there is a $1000 re-stocking fee each time. You can change buses one time during the first 6 weeks with no re-stocking fee.

All layaway payments are non-refundable. They are transferable to any other bus, subject to re-stocking fees. They never expire.

If you fail to pay the layaway payment, your bus may be sold to someone else.

For a bus to be eligible for our layaway program, it must be located in Florida and be $10,000 or less.

For buses over $10,000, a deposit of 60% down is required to hold the bus and needs to be paid in full within 90 days. Re-stocking fees do apply.

Only one bus per customer may be on layaway at a time.

Prices for layaway and/or storage are subject to change with a two-week’s prior notice.

Payment Methods

Your payments are never lost. You can mail payments to:

BGA School Buses, Inc.
12121 Little Rd. #281
Hudson, FL 34667

Please call 727-856-3000 or email [email protected] if you would like to wire the funds.

If you are starting a new layaway, please call to verify the bus is still available.

Contact Us

Please give us a call or fill out our contact form for any questions you have concerning our buses or layaway program. We will be happy to help you find the perfect bus.

*There is a $25 fee for all wires received.

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